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of generic homeopathic substances and their general use within the homeopathic tradition.

Sources: Traditional homeopathic literature.

Boericke, Phatak, Clarke and Allen's Materia Medica



The following information suggests homeopathic remedies with a long history of traditional use for common complaints experienced by the frequent and long distance traveller. If symptoms persist or in the case of serious illness always seek medical attention.

In order to choose a remedy match your symptoms as closely as possible with the remedy picture.



Forty percent of travellers experience anxiety about flying. When you feel anxiety before travel try one of the following remedies:


Aconite, Arg-nit, Arsenicum 30c – these three remedies when combined have a long history of traditional use covering fear, anxiety and general stress which includes fear of flying.


Helios Stress Relief 30c – Aconite, Arg-n and Arsenicum are combined to bring relief of symptoms associated

with mild stress.


Aconite 30c – Panic with great fear of flying, death and accidents


Arg-nit 30c – Fear of flying is one of the main indications for this remedy. The person is fidgety and apprehensive

before travel with restlessness, claustrophobia, or fear of heights.


Gelsemium 30c – Quiet anxiety before travel with trembling, weakness and possible diarrhea.


Dosage: Take 1 pill at the first signs of fear or anxiety and every 2-4 hours if necessary during travel.



Common and much dreaded, motion sickness can strike in a car, plane, boat, or other mode of transport. Children 3 to 12 years of age are often susceptible.


Cocculus 30c – One of the top remedies for travel sickness. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting and dizziness.


Cocculus/Tabacum/Petroleum 30c – This combination has a long history of traditional use in travel sickness for any mode of travel, symptoms include severe nausea, dizziness, cold sweats.


Ipecac 30c – Constant nausea with or without vomiting. Nausea with lots of saliva production and the person may look very pale.


Nux Vomica 30 – Sickness that feels like a hangover with a desire to vomit but has difficulty doing so.


Dosage: 1 pill 1 hour before departure then as required throughout the journey



Travelling long distances and crossing time zones can cause physical symptoms such as tiredness and stiffness and may upset sleep patterns.


Arnica 30c – For stiff aching muscles and feeling a little foggy headed.


Helios Sleep 30c – Avena Sativa, Passiflora, Valerian and Cocculus are combined to form a remedy with a

long history of traditional use to bring relief of temporary sleep disturbances.


Cocculus 30c – Insomnia despite tiredness, changes in sleep patterns, disorientation.


Nux Vomica 30 – Flight hangover, tiredness with irritability, person may feel chilly and nauseous.


Arnica/Rad Brom/Electricitas 30c – a combination for physical exhaustion and stiffness and to help counteract the effects of radiation when flying at high altitude.

Dosage: 1 pill every 3-4 hours throughout journey



Travel diarrhea can strike at any time. If the water is not recommended drink only bottled water, eat only well cooked food and fruit you can peel, avoid ice in drinks.


Arsenicum 30c – Diarrhea with or without vomiting often caused by bad food. Person may be exhausted or restless and thirsty for small sips of water.


Podophyllum 30c – Smelly, explosive, gushing diarrhea with lots of gurgling in the stomach before stool.


China 30c – This remedy should be given alongside any other indicated remedy to help restore fluid balance after diarrhea or vomiting.


Veratrum Album 30c – Watery diarrhea with possible vomiting. Cramping/griping pains with weakness and in severe cases collapse.


Aloe 30c – Diarrhea with burning pains in the abdomen and rectum with flatus. Stools may be lumpy or jelly like.


Cuprum 30c – Violent diarrhea with cramps and retching.


Ipecac 30c – Nausea with copious vomiting, pale face with hot or cold sweat. Diarrhea in children may be green or frothy like.


Carbo Veg 30c – Diarrhea caused by bad food or over indulgence. Stomach and guts are bloated and rumbling. Much offensive wind is passed, lots of belching which relieves symptoms.


Nux Vomica 30c – Nausea relieved by vomiting. Often after overeating or drinking too much.

Dosage: 1 pill every 2-3 hours or as required



To avoid being bitten or stung use a good insect repellent. Do not wear sweet smelling perfumes and cover up when outdoors after sunset.


Ledum 30c – Relieves pricking, stinging pains with redness and swelling. Sting relieved by cold applications. Also may be used with Hypericum 30c for animal bites. Always seek medical attention if bitten by an animal whilst abroad.


Apis 30c – Bee stings and stings where there is much swelling, heat, tension and redness. The pain is made worse by heat and better by cold applications.


Urtica 30c – For urticaria as a result of allergic reactions to insect bites and stings such as jellyfish. Pain is pricking, burning and feels better for rubbing.


Dosage: 1 pill 3 times daily or as required


Urtical cream 30g tube – a soothing topical application traditionally used for insect bites, stings

and other eruptions where there is intense itching and burning.


Ledum/Hypericum/Calendula/Urtica combination mother tincture – apply directly to bites

and stings to reduce inflammation and sooth itching.



Sunburn can ruin your holiday and can happen even if the sun does not feel particularly strong, children are especially vulnerable. Avoid the midday sun, use a good quality high protection sunscreen and re-apply regularly throughout the day especially after swimming. Young children should wear protective UV clothing and hats .

The following remedies are traditionally used to help with minor sunburn. Always seek medical attention for severe burns.


Urtica 30c – Mild sunburn with itching, or allergic reactions to the sun in the form of prickly heat.


Cantharis 30c – Painful sunburn with possible blistering.

Dosage: 1 pill 3 times daily or as required


Urtical Cream 30g tube – a soothing topical application for burning and itching caused by

allergic reactions to the sun.


Calendula Cream 30g tube – for mild sunburn.

Stress Relief Sleep URTICAL CALENDULA cream